Rinchem Company Inc. Announces Expanded Relationship with Versum Materials

Rinchem Company Inc., has entered into a strategic agreement with Versum Materials, Inc.. This agreement designates Rinchem as its logistics supplier for all cylinder gases in the United States. As part of the agreement, Rinchem will lease Versum-owned gas pads in Phoenix Arizona, Manor Texas, Dallas Texas, and Tualatin Oregon. Rinchem will also establish a hub in its existing Dallas logistics center to further support the Versum business.

“Versum Materials is pleased to strengthen our affiliation with Rinchem by expanding the scope of products stored and delivered for Versum to include gases and chemicals. Rinchem's knowledge and experience to safely and properly handle chemicals and gases is a key competency for products we supply,” stated Christine Kurek, Global Supply Chain Director at Versum.

This arrangement is a strategic move to expand Rinchem’s reach within the cylinder gas market. The expanded availability of gas pad storage options will increase flexibility of supply chains throughout the cylinder gas industry.
Chris Wright, Rinchem’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing said this about the strategic arrangement: “Rinchem is excited about this new opportunity to expand Rinchem’s service offering in the spec gas industry. It means a great deal to Rinchem to have the trust and confidence of Versum Materials, an esteemed company in the semiconductor industry. In keeping with our strategic objectives, this business complements the emphasis on expansion within in the spec gas cylinder market.”

In addition to the primary projects with Versum, the gas pad infrastructure will have available capacity for other customers in the specialty gas industry. Rinchem looks forward to expanding its reach into the specialty gas market with these newly acquired resources. For any inquiries about gas pad storage options please contact Rinchem directly.

About Rinchem Company, Inc.

Rinchem provides a wide range of logistics services to support the semiconductor, chemical, gas, life sciences and paint and coatings industries, including dedicated and multi-client warehousing, on-site services, over-the-road and local transportation, freight forwarding, empty container return management and supply chain consulting. With locations in North America and in parts of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Rinchem utilizes its network of customized, temperature-controlled warehouses and transportation assets to provide safe and efficient chemical management solutions. One partner managing a global supply chain, affords the ability to reduce cost and risk.

About Versum Materials, Inc.

Versum Materials (NYSE: VSM) (versummaterials.com) is a best-in-class electronic materials company providing high-purity chemicals and gases, delivery systems, services and materials expertise to meet the evolving needs of the global semiconductor, display and LED markets. Derived from the Latin word for “toward,” the name “Versum” (pronounced ver-SOOM) communicates the company’s deep commitment to helping customers move toward the future by collaborating, innovating and creating cutting-edge solutions.

A global leader in technology, quality, safety and reliability, Versum is one of the world’s largest suppliers of next generation CMP slurries, ultra-thin dielectric and metal film precursors, formulated cleans and etching products, and delivery equipment that has revolutionized the semiconductor industry. Versum Materials operated for more than three decades as a division of Air Products. An independent company since October 2016, Versum has annual sales of about US$1 billion, 1,900 employees and 10 major facilities in Asia and the North America. It is headquartered in Tempe, Ariz.